Cream Cheese Brownies recipe


3 medium eggs.
4 oz of sweet chocolate.
3 oz of cream cheese, softened.
1 cup of sugar.
cup of flour.
cup of chopped nuts.
5 tablespoons of butter.
1 tablespoon of flour.
1 teaspoon of vanilla.
teaspoon of baking powder.
teaspoon of salt.

Preparation Instructions:

In a saucepan, melt the chocolate and 3 tablespoons butter over a very low heat, stirring constantly.

Blend reminding butter with the cream cheese until softened.

Add cup of the sugar, beating thoroughly.

Blend in 1 egg, 1 tablespoon of flour and teaspoon of vanilla; set aside.

Beat the remaining 2 eggs until creamy and thick.

Gradually beat in remaining cup of sugar, beating until thickened.

Add the baking powder, salt and cup of flour.

Blend in cooled chocolate mixture, chopped nuts and 1 teaspoon of vanilla.

Spread half of the chocolate batter in greased nine-inch pan.

Add the cheese mixture, spread out evenly.

Top with tablespoon fulls of remaining chocolate batter.

Zigzag a spatula through batter to marble it. 1

Bake in 350F (175F) oven for 40 minutes, or until top springs back when lightly pressed in the middle.

Allow to cool, then cut into squares.

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4 ozabout 113g (113.398 grams based on 28.3495 grams in an ounce)
3 ozabout 85g (85.0485 grams based on 28.3495 grams in an ounce)
1 cupabout 237ml (236.59 mililitres based on 236.59 mililitres in a US cup)
cupabout 118ml (118.295 mililitres based on 236.59 mililitres in a US cup)


Published: July 20, 2007